The Dog House provides an opportunity to train your dog in a friendly, kind environment to a high standard, using lure and reward based methods. 

Prong collars and Flexi lines are banned from my lessons.


You can find more information on the different classes offered on the courses pages.

My aim for the dog training at The Dog House is to give a positive experience for both dog and owner.

There is no need for violence or cruelty in dog training, only positive reinforcement will be used in the training. I will always work with the breed and individual in mind. All dog breeds have specific behaviours that needs to be taken into consideration when training.

  I aim to help you build a respectful and loving relationship with your dog. I will guide you to                  

  train your dog by using your voice/body language, touch, treat and toys, so called The 4 Leaf  Clover.


  My lessons are held with small groups, so you can expect a maximum of 8 dogs in the class, ensuring       

  the dog trainer has time to focus on and help each dog and dog owner individually.


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